Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cat, which was raised for the first time during the Victorian period, where the interest in cats increased considerably, appeared in the Crystal Palace Cat Show in 1871. After winning the third place in the show, the cat’s popularity rose rapidly throughout the UK.Abyssinian takes its name from the Abyssinian War, where it was first seen and captured. The Abyssinian cat is considered to be of average weight and size among cat species. The weight of the cat can be from 2.5 kilograms up to 4.5 kilograms. Although it depends on feeding habits, the Abyssinian cat doesn’t seem to exceed 7 kilos.

The Abyssinian cat race has common genetic signs with Southeast Asian, Western and European races. These beautiful cats have triangular heads and big ears. His eyes are wide and separate. One of the most characteristic physical characteristics of Abyssinian cats is the lines under their big eyes. These lines give the Abyssinian cats a really different look. The eyes may be green or golden yellow. The body is muscular, the legs are small with fine paws. Therefore, it can be said to have a delicate appearance.

The hairs are medium in length and thin but dense. Their fur is blue, red or brown, and some have light streaks and dark streaks. These cats, which climb and jump much higher than other cat species, are a good hunter. In the past, in England, many palaces used Abyssinian cats to control mice. Abyssinian cats, who like to be high in character, often prefer to climb high places when they are fed at home. Abyssinian is a cat with the potential to turn almost anything into play.

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